- ALPHA 60.


Like the MINI, Melbourne is defined by the unexpected. The places and experiences that are found on the road less travelled – and the spirit that creates them in the first place. In this, MINI finds a common spirit with Rooftop Cinema, which has shown new releases and classics from the top of Curtin House since 2006.

As part of MINI’s sponsorship of Rooftop Cinema, we’ve partnered with them to seek out more of Melbourne’s unexpected side. Places created by people who aren’t content with the status quo and want to contribute something distinctive and exciting to the city.

In this episode, we talk to Alex and Georgie Cleary of fashion label Alpha 60. They’ve established twelve boutiques in Australia as well as showrooms in Paris and New York. But despite their international reach, the character of their work and brand remains distinctly rooted in Melbourne. They tell us how they turned an old church into a modern retail space and how they use it to draw out excited, emotional responses from their customers.